Pakohuone Härmä

Escape Room Härmä


Härmän Häjyt

Härmän Häjyt, who were the aggravation causing men living in Härmä and Southern Ostrobothnia area in the 19th century.

Their amusements included e.g. illegal manufacturing and sale of liquor, knife fights, counterfeiting, arson, breaking the Sabbath, and various thefts. Often, they went as uninvited guests at weddings, riding on the horses of others, wandering drunk around different villages, engaging in gambling, night running, and theft. Murders, killings and violent death sentences were also seen.

Are You able catch them to take responsibility for their actions?

Act before it's too late!

Experience a 19th century experience with your friends, family or co-workers.

2 PLAYERS 70 € 

3-4 PLAYERS 90 €

5-8 PLAYERS 120 €


Price List:

GAME 50 min. + MEETING 1 H: 160 €

GAME 50 min. + MEETING 2 H: 190 €

maximum 8 players

Co-operation with:

The room is furnished and built in the spirit of the 19th century.

In the room you can experience the history of Härmä for a while!

You don't need special skills.
You don’t have to solve math problems.
The room is spacious and can be accessed from an unlocked door.
The room is suitable for all ages. However, there must be at least one over the age of 15 in the group.

Pakohuone Härmä